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Happy New Year!!!!

My daughter, Holly, won 1st Place in her apartment complex Christmas Decorating Contest!!! $100 off the January Rent!!!! We spent maybe $15.00 for supplies!!!  My daughter, Holly, is a very talented creative soul. I am very proud of her!

I had a revelation yesterday that Alexandria (28 months), my daughter’s Rachael’s daughter, seems to have known Holly’s baby, Ruby (2 months), from the moment she was born and their eyes met. It is as if she knew Ruby from a time before their time on Earth. I know some of you will think, “SURE! lady!” Like Alex knows Ruby, I know there is a special connection between them. Alex calls Ruby, “rub”, wants to talk to her or see her everyday. When we mention Ruby, Alex says Rub and points to her belly, she means that Ruby was in Aunt Holly’s tummy. I know that there is a special link between Holly and me, the phone often rings and she and I know it is the other one calling. Or one of us will have just been thinking of the other before the phone rings. I think that myself, Holly, and Alex have a special gift to communicate with each other. When I hold Ruby, I feel a common knowledge with her also, time will tell.

I need to explain why Rachael and I may not have such a connection that I have with the others, I need to tell the story of the beginning of her life. Holly, Alex and Ruby are all gifts from God, but Rachael is my special gift from God. I miscarried her twin when I was three months along; boy or girl I do not know.  I was not particularly upset by the miscarriage, sad, yes. I believe that God was healing me quickly because of Rachael. I was carrying faternal twins and the doctor told me it was more common than you would think. I believe I have Rachael because God was there protecting her during the entire pregnancy. It is normal under such circumstances to have a D& C after a miscarriage that far along in the pregnancy, but the doctor deemed it not necessary and he and I did not know then that I was still pregnant. She would have been aborted during the D& C.  I thought I was no longer pregnant, but still was very sick. I was constantly nauseated, very tired, etc. One morning I sat up in bed and felt a baby kick (there is no other feeling like that), I knew! When I finally got into the doctor, I told him my symptoms, he rushed out and brought in the baby heart beat monitor. He placed in on my stomach and said that’s not your heartbeat! I heard the wonderful sound of a baby’s heartbeat! The next day I had a sonogram and I saw Rachael, she was waving her arms and kicking! I was in the first day of my six month! There were some complications with both her and I at her birth, but nothing serious. She has always been a joy and sometimes a challenge. I believe she and her twin have a special connection that she has only begun to recognize! Racahel may know of the special place that souls reside when they leave this mortal earth.

A little more open that normal here. However, this is a journal about my life and my family is a very huge part of my gift.

I sincerely hope that 2007 finds the world more peaceful! That myself and all others find more joy and restfullness in life! I hope that no one in the world has to be hungry, cold, tired and scared another day! I hope that more people find God in their lives!

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Outside Vintage Decorating on a Budget

My oldest daughter called the other day to ask me if I had any ideas about how to decorate her Apartment Balcony/Front Door. The apartment complex is having a Holiday Decorating Contest for up to $100 off the next month’s rent. “That’s great” I exclaimed “Give me some time to get my brain going and I will call you back!” My oldest likes the retro/vintage 50’s 60’s look. And since I grew up in those years, I thought back to things my Grandmother and Mom made, caused some brain smoking! The 1st thing I thought of was the Holiday Light Ball made from clear dixie cups and small lights. We are going to make several and suspend them in varying lengths across her balcony. We are going to use tinsel has hanging ribbons for the Light Balls. A vintage turquoise color theme! Use only clear lights! The bright unique colors are in vogue again.Then I thought about the ever so famous 60’s cone shaped Trees with tinsel wrapped around. HHMM? A metal tomatoe cage, that will work. Then the idea of a door wreath made from a wire clothes hanger with cut up strips of white plastic shopping bags tied around, use plenty to make it fluffy, this will have vintage turqoise  christmas bulbs hanging from ribbon has a accent. And luminaries made from  turquoise paper bags filled with sand going down her stairs.  I suddenly thought of the new Pier I catalog, lo and behold, look! Amazing how old things/ideas come around again! I will take a few pictures when we are done with the decorating.

Even with all the holiday plans, my thoughts and prayers are with the Kim family. Mr. Kim’s parents raised a brave and courageous man.  May the family find comfort and peace in knowing how special of a man graced their lives for a seemingly short while. May his children grow up hearing many stories about how great their father was. Life is short. Remember to take the time to be thankful for each and every blessing in your life.

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Tis’ the Season to be Jolly, Nice Memories

I found this lighted village a few years ago at the local “dollar” store. Alot of the lighted villages have a Victorian look , while that is ok, I yearn for days not so far removed. I like it because of the vintage 1940’s/50’s look and it also reminds me of the movie “A Christmas Story”! You’ll shoot your eye out! Love the red truck! See the puppy with the kids playing? My two year old granddaughter, Alex, is allowed to play with the puppy but she is to leave the other things alone. So far, so good! Time will tell. She picks up the puppy and says “puppyeeeeee.”

Lighted Christmas Village Scene

The Candy Shop!

 Candy Shop

 The simpleness of the trees and figures are nice!

Tree and Snowman

Speaking of Nice Memories……

Today while surfing the net, I happened upon a site that brought back many memories from my teenage years. I am sure that everyone has some great memories of those years. An early 70’s one of mine is watching a locally produced late-night tv show, Mazeppa.  It came on late Saturday night and always featured a horror/sci fi movie with skits filling in between the commercials. These skits were performed by Sartain, Gary Bucy, and many more. The skits were about such things as local accents, stupid school teachers, etc. A local Saturday Night Live, if you will.  The humor was fantastic, music was cool. The “cool” kids (hippies, artsy type) would watch this at each other’s houses.  One of Tulsa’s KOTV cameraman developed this show, Gilard Sartain. You might remember him in the Jim Varney’s movies, Vern Goes To —— series. he was the side kick to the old skinny guy. I have a hard time remembering names of characters in movies. Good memories, hmmm!

Remember to be thankful today for all the memories!

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Old Man Winter and Will Rogers

Another view

Yesterday morning about 7:00am it was 69 degrees outside, by 3:00pm it was 35 degrees and raining cats and dogs! Last night the rain changed to frezzing rain then to sleet, about 2 inches of solid ice covered everything this morning. Today the sleet changed to snow and the weatherman issued the first ever Blizzard Warning for NE Oklahoma! 12 to 15 inches of snow by tomorrow morning, WOW! 1 inch of snow per hour! Old Man Winter blew in!

Remember how I said we needed moisture, snow or not. Be careful what you wish for!

Same Pecan Tree, Same backyard six days later!

Blizzard Pecan Tree View

 Ice on the window screen, brrr!

Ice on Window Screen

Will Rogers once said “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a few minutes!” His birthplace is about 18 miles south of here. Loved his humor!

I hope you have told someone today that you love them! Love is a gift.

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