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A Few of My Favorite Things

Vintage jewelry has always been a favorite of mine. Here are some of my brooches in the picture below. The top brooch has rich kelly green stones with just the right touch of clear rhinestones. I envision a 1940’s movie star in a long slinky gown with a fur wrapped around her, walking down the red carpet. The next brooch (clockwise) looks to be handmade from dyed green shells. I like it because I can see a 1940’s sweetheart waiting at the train station for her man to come home from war. The next Spring Colored Flower brooch is probably from the late 1950’s-Early 60’s. Makes one think of getting dressed up for Easter.

Vintage Green Brooches

Vintage Dresser Sets are another favorite thing of mine. My girl’s father (ex) bought this Pearlized Butterscotch Celluloid Vanity Set for me for my 21st birthday! He purchased it from a old junk store in Dearing, Kansas, which had piles and piles of muddled items to dig through. The building is no longer there. The set has seven pieces: mirror, brush, powder box, nail tool, hat pin box, button hook and a drawer box. The button hook has misplaced itself somewhere around here.

Bakelite Dresser Set

Closeup of Bakelite

Have you ever seen a button hook? It was a tool used to button the old shoes and all the tiny buttons that were on clothes in the late 1890’s-Early 1900’s, the Gibson Girl look. When I was five, I found a pair of side button-up black shoes from the early 1900’s in my grandmother’s attic. I also chanced upon a long handled button hook. My mother could not get those shoes off of me, it was in the very hot summer time. I would spend hours buttoning and unbuttoning those shoes with that button hook. I can remember very clearly how I enjoyed those shoes!!

Look at these little picture charms! The top one is a picture of Holly when she was six months old, she is wearing the Hawaiian Outfit that her paternal grandparents bought her while in Hawaii. They were there touring pineapple, sugar cane farms when she was born. Their trip had already been put off once because the baby was due Dec. 9. They had rescheduled for early January, thinking the baby would most certainly be here by then, but she waited until January 5th to make her appearance!!! The next (going clockwise) is of both Holly (8) and Rachael (5) wearing vintage velvet dresses for the holidays. Look at their long pretty hair! The last charm is a picture of Rachael when she was about 4, her smile is so BIG. These are a few of my most precious favorite things.

Charms of the Girls

Some of my favorite things! What are your favorite things?

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A New Band Opens for Jethro Tull

One of the reasons I starting blogging was to share my experiences with my children, my grandchildren and future generations about their mother/grandmother. So this is a first of many entries they may or may not enjoy.  They may find amusing. They may find absurd. They may say “Oh, my God!”.

I was married the first time at 16. Why you ask? Well, I look back now sometimes and ask the same thing. However, it is my life and I have faced all my demons eye to eye and I have won the battle! It is a freedom that I can’t explain but oh, my, what a freedom!

A few reasons I married that young:

  •  I was always very mature for my age, I was able to take care of myself at a very early age.
  • I wanted to be out of my families home for various reasons.
  • I fell in love with a young hard-working farmer, you know FutureFarmersofAmerica and all that.

We both were from the generation of free-thinkers, finding our own way, flower power and all that. We considered ourselves Hippies! We were hip! I know, I know you are thinking I thought you said “farmer”. Can’t there be hip farmers?

Now let me state here just for the record that I never used illegal drugs, no, really! I am to much of “being in control” person. Plus I have always been mostly happy with me and my life, no need to escape. But we now know about the term second-hand smoke! Hmmmm???

We went to alot of rock concerts/festivals. My first husband (16) and I (14) were just a little to young to have gone to the big rock festival of all time, Woodstock! However, Mr. Soulmate was based on a air force base very near Woodstock, New York when it occurred, but he was a military man, no rock festivals for him! Mr. Military Man is almost 9 years older than me.

I have always liked the band, Jethro Tull, still listen to their music. Listening to Think As A Brick right now. We had tickets to the Jethro Tull Passion Play concert in Tulsa in the early 1970’s. I cannot remember the original opening act for the concert, you know the memory goes. The announcer came how on stage and announced that the billed opening band could not be there but a newly formed band was scheduled at the last minute. The Eagles! Everyone around us was not happy about the change and was asking who is the hell is that? Well, I enjoyed their music and liked their sound. And now we all know who the Eagles are. The band members then were Randy Meisner, Glenn Fry, Bernie Liadon and Don Henley. The band was actually formed from members of other well-known on the California scene bands. Their hit “Take It Easy” was written by Jackson Browne, another country rock performer.

I was very impressed when Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull  (Love the clothes! And the guitar solo!) when he started playing the first song! Just watching the video you can see why I was blown away! Kinda sexy! I was sitting about 6 rows back from the stage. I sure I had on hip-huggers jeans, a halter top, leather sandals, hair long and straight, which means I basically looked like everyone else in the crowd. I could tell that he had a formal education in the fine arts/music area because when he introduced the songs, alot of music theory. I enjoyed all his hoping around on stage while playing his flute. He still is the king of flute playing in the rock genre of music.

My interpretation of the song, AquaLung, is that it is about “there but by the grace of God go I”. At least, that reasoning seems to be reinforced by the actions of Ian Anderson while watching this video. He sniffs and wipes his nose and sings “And Its only me, you know, Its only me.”

I have many more stories about rock concerts, travels and experiences that I will share with the world and my children.

Share your memories with your children and family! Each experience, good or bad, has made you the person you are today!

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March Showers Bring Flowers and Big Green Birds!

We are in a unsettled weather pattern for this week says the weather man. What that really means is that it is going to rain all week, yesterday it rained about 2 inches. Remember when I talked about Wild Plum Jelly? Well, I had forgotten that there are Wild Plum Trees right behind my house. The trees did not produce last year.  I do not know if the trees were not mature enough to bear or because of the long drought. Well, this Spring the trees have plenty of blossoms, which is a good sign that there will be wild plums this year!

Plum Tree

Before the big unsettled week of rain I planted all my early garden crops, Sweet Yellow Onions, Red Onions, Garlic, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas and Cabbage. I did not want to mudd them in later! The cups around the cabbage plants are to keep the cutworms from chewing the plants off at the ground.

Cabbage Plants

I try to use mostly organic solutions for garden pests. A good way to catch moths before they lay their eggs on the plants, is to use a moth trap. It is a gallon milk jug with a smallhole cut into the top and a ratio of 1:4 of white vinegar and water. The  moths are drawn into the jug and cannot get back out. It also attracts flies and wasps.


I have a 1890 Imperial Cookbook that has cures for health conditions and infectious diseases. One that I find very funny is for Relief of Asthma.

Relief for Asthma

Sufferers from asthma should get a muskrat skin and wear it over their lungs with the fur side next to the body. It will bring certain relief. Or, soak blotting paper in saltpeter water, then dry, burning in the patient’s bedroom.

Certain Relief, ha! ha! More like certain asthma attack.  How did anyone survive?

One day recently I look outside and there was a Big Goofy Green Bird in my backyard! At Halloween, Alexandria was sick so she did not go trick or treating. We wanted pictures of her in her costume, so I finally tried it on her and took some pictures. Needless, to say it was a little too small for such a big girl!

Goofy Bird Looking Down

My what big feet you have, Big Goofy Green Bird!

Big Feet

Speaking of big feet, check out the little known and not so interesting facts on my blog about Nowata County.

Well, fellow bloggers, try to find a little humor in everyday life! Laughing is good for your health!

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Changing of Hands

 Green Surprise Lily

The scientific name is Lycoris Squamigera. This lily has several common names, such as Naked Lady Lily and Surprise Lily. In the Spring the green leaves come up and look great for about a month or two. The leaves then turn brown and die. In August, up pops a stalk (no leaves) with buds that open up pretty pinkish purple lillies. Thus the name Surprise Lilly.

Well, this shopkeeper is open for barter! I am going to be posting a Changing of Hands entry once a month, so keep checking back, you may find something you can’t live without. Here is March’s Barter Goodies!

A Wooden Paper Doll with attachable (velcro) clothes. This cutie is 13 inches tall and has a 21 piece wardrobe.

Brown Hair Doll

Clothes1             Clothes2        Clothes3

Sharing Time. A big person/Little Person Project Book. Some of the projects are:

  1. Build a Box Playhouse
  2. A Puppet Stage
  3. A beautiful Daisy

A total of 40 projects.       Sharing Book

Vintage Full Size Strawberry Sheeting. Strawberry Fields Forever, maybe curtains.


Sew & Go Baby. A sewing book for Baby Gear. Everything from Baby Announcements to Recycling  Sweaters, Dad’s Shirt, etc. into baby clothes.                              

Baby Book

Metro 7 Blouse XL. I bought this new, never wore it. I love the blue/brown combo.

Turqouise Blouse             Close Tur

Faded Glory Blouse. Ladies 16/18. The blouse’s bust line did not really fit, so it is yours! The beading detail is nice.

Green Top       Green Bead Detail

Vintage Crochet Books. Any combo set or all. The Annie’s Showcase of Needlecraft (24 crocheted cuddly critters), Learn to Knit Combo and the Ouick Fashion Sweater Combo.

Annie’s Toys       Crochet Books1          Crochet Books 2

 Let’s see what do I need???

  • Vintage Material
  • Buttons/Ribbons/Trims
  • Old Magazines (1920-1970)
  • Colored (Medium Tone) Wool Felt 
  • Your offer

If you see something you want, just email me with attached pictures of your barter items. We will see if a Changing of Hands can happen. If so, we will barter and exchange addresses.

Do you like to recycle or make old into new? I like to recycle clothes, furniture and new packaging(bottle caps, etc.). As a culture we throw away to many useful items! The earth’s resources are not unlimited. I have a big surprise to announce in about three weeks, so please check back, you might be interested!

Do you like thrifting? Thrifting is a big part of recycling. Check this out. I love the retro graphics!

This is one of my dream get-aways.

I would really love to hear from you about your recycling projects. Email me with the story and pictures and one entry a month will feature Your Recycle Projects.

Look around your house today to see if something old can be made new again! After all, it is Spring! 

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Parsimony Friendship

Remember the tiny clothespins I bought at the $1 store? I mentioned that I had a project in mind using them, well, I am mentioning it now! These dish soap aprons were my Grandma Bertha Belles. I remember the aprons being on the Ivory Soap and she changed the aprons every week. I really like the seersucker 40’s fabric apron, don’t you!

40’s Apron

Tiny Clothespins

Blue Gingham Apron

These aprons can be made from scraps of material and seam binding in your stash. These make great housewarming or bridal shower or welcome to the neighborhood gifts. I plan on putting a couple in a basket with dish soap(environmental friendly), scrubbers (made from strips of netting), kitchen hand towels, nice hand lotion, a coouple of delicious tea bags and a cup. There are many more “homey” (no, not like in my homies) items I am sure that you can think of to add to the basket. If you want the pattern and three clothespins, send a $1.00 (to cover postage, envelope). I have how to make PDF files on my list for learning, but I cannot PDF the clothespins to you. Simply just email me and I will send you my address.

Friendship Breads and Starter

Have you heard of a Friendship Starter for baked goods? This recipe comes from the Amish, it is based on their traditional sourdough baking, sweeter tho’. The friendship part comes from sharing the starter as it grows. Often, the starter is given to a friend with the recipes and a loaf of friendship bread. While I cannot give you a loaf of bread, I can give you the record keeper sheet and the recipes and thoughts of  friendship. Just drop me a email, and I will send the attached recipes so you can print them. I had a starter at one time but it was forgotten and I did not keep up. I found the starter recipe a couple of months ago and decided to try it again. Here’s is the recipe to the simple Friendship Starter.

Friendship Starter

  1. Day 1 Mix 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour and 1 cup sugar in a glass/cereamic bowl or jar. Be sure to stir with wooden spoon.  Cover loosely with plastic wrap. Leave on counter.
  2. Days 2-5 Leave it alone to bubble.
  3. Day 6 Stir once.
  4. Day 7 Feed with 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour and 1 cup milk. Mix first, then add.
  5. Days 8-9 Stir once each day.
  6. Day 10 Feed with 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour and 1 cup milk. Mix first, then add. Today you can take out 1 cup of the starter for baking and 1 cup to give to a friend. Continue to maintain the starter.

Maintainng Your Starter: Leave out on counter. Stir it once every day and feed it every 5th day with the 3 ingredients-1 cupsugar, flour, milk. I am going to keep track of the every five days on my kitchen calendar. A pattern of every five days is easy, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, etc. You may have to skip a day or so, that will be fine. The starter can be used any day you want for baking or to give to a friend, just be sure to leave a cup in the starter. Managing your starter is not complicated, if you do not need any starter, just take some out and discard it.  Every month transfer your starter to another container and wash and scald the container before putting the starter back in. I just use the boost heat setting on my dishwasher.

Friendship Starter

I have made a record keeper where you can keep track of the starter. I also have other recipes that can be made from the starter, such as, Fruit Nut Friendship Bread, Pancakes and Cinnamon Rolls. There is a Fruit Starter, also, which makes yummy moist cakes and bread.

Weekly Thrifting Pleasures

This is a fantastic bowl that I will use for dips, like Summer Fruit Dip. The wonderful leaf pattern will be prefect to set in the center of a white platter for my famous (well, in my husband’s family, anyway) Fall Caramel Apple Dip. I use golden and red delicious apples for a nice color contrast. For you collectors the bottom reads, Carefree True China by Syracuse, Woodbine(pattern), Made in USA.

Dip Bowl

This Teapot Set is made by Target Home Neo Asia, the pattern is Indonesia. The colors and flower design is honorable!


Tea Cups

Friendship and recipes are always good to share!

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dah-wah-doh Suzan

My name is Suzan. I went to my first Cherokee Language Class (actually the 2nd class)last night. The first class came and went, several days later I look at the calendar and I hit my head and said “doh!”. I need hooked on phonics for Cherokee! Last night we learned the colors, some animals, some verbs. Gi-tli is dog, pronounced gee-tlee(klee sound with your tongue falling from the roof of your mouth). Da-nai is walking, pronounced dah-nee, accent on first syllable, second a is silent. Ok, end of your Cherokee lesson, now you can say “dog walking”.

Speaking of languages! This class is given by the Cherokee Nation. I read an article in a newspaper last night about Oklahoma’s legislative push to make English our official language. I personally think this is a waste of our tax money and our legislators time! I am sure the reasoning behind this is the war on immigrants (War on Mexicans, let’s be honest). The American Indian Tribes of Oklahoma think that the proposed policy diminishes their tribal language. I agree. There are schools, colleges, and many areas of Oklahoma where Native Tribal languages are still spoken. Travel to the rural areas around Tahlequah and you will hear Cherokee spoken. The very name of our state is a Choctaw word meaning land of the red people. Wonder what we can call Oklahoma now! I know! Land of the Idiot White Male! (sorry, cool white guys)

Now here comes the part of my complex Libra See Both Sides of the Story personality, I think that all immigrants need to learn enough English to get a drivers license, fill out government forms, etc. AND they will have to interact with English speaking natives everyday. If they want to live and work here in America then the reality is learning English. They need to assimilate, you know “do as the natives do”. If I went to another country to live and work, I would learn the native language. Common Sense! Now I am not saying forget their culture or heritage or even their way of life. There should be more English as a Second Language classes and the classes should be free, paid by  either government, (America or Mexico) or how about the large companies that hire the Hispanics (Tyson Chicken) to work.

This not does have to be legislated! The article quotes Chad Smith, Chief of the 250,000 member Cherokee Nation, saying that the state’s image is harmed when cultural differences are not embraced. Mr. Smith, I could not agree more! I wonder if the Indian Tribes are reminded of the Trail of Tears.

OK-dokay! Enough said (for now)! How about those lilacs? Last year in early August, I hit the jackpot on shrubs at Walmart, I guess they were tired of watering the poor things. The price was .75 cents to $2.00. I purchased two Purple Persian Lilacs, a Pink Weigela, a Forsythia and a Home Run Shrub Rose. All seem to have made it through the Summer drought, Winter Ice and Snow. I will post pictures of all when they bloom. Here is an early preview.

The Purple Persian Lilac already has tiny purple buds! Very early! When I see a lilac in bloom and smell the wonderful fragrance, I am taken back to the old homesteads where the butter is churned, the laundry is blowing in the wind and the lilacs are blooming. Darn old camera! Won’t focus sometimes!

Lilac Buds

The Purple Clematis had only a few leaves when I planted it, but it looks healthier now. I am going to need to put up the trellis for the Clemantis soon.

Purple Clemantis

The Pink Weigela. Tiny, tiny buds. It blooms abundant pink blossoms in early Summer.

Weigela Buds

The Home Run Shrub Rose. Remember how I said this is the only rose I am planting, shrub roses are hardier and require far less work than hybrid fancy-smancy roses.

Homerun Rose

A Double Daffodil.

Double Daffodil

Whatever language you speak, be proud of your culture and heritage. However, embrace the culture and the language of the country where you are living. Never stop learning and growing as human beings.

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Birds Singing, Bees Buzzing and Flowers Blooming


Today is one of those days when you know God exists! C.S. Lewis believed that a person could see and become closer to God when viewing God’s handiwork in Nature.

Daffodil Close-up

While cleaning house today I found two children’s books that I am going to read to Alex, since it is Spring. The first one is Baby Animals (A Change-A-Picture Book), Larry Shapiro, Franklin Watts, 1980. There is a ribbon that you can turn to change the picture from baby animals to adult animals. This one is the Deer page, first picture shows the baby fawn, turn it and it shows the doe and buck.

Baby Fawn

Doe and Buck

The second book is Why Do Birds Sing?, Chris Arvetis, Carole Palmer, Field Publications, 1988.

Why Do Birds Sing?


Holly, Ruby, Alex and I went to an Estate Sale last Friday, one of the items I picked up was 4-8 oz. Anchor Hocking Fire King bowls.

Fire King Bowls

Do you ever go to Estate Sales? Sometimes when I go, I think wonder what people will think when going to my Estate Sale? Probably, some will say “Boy, this lady was a pack rat!!!!!!”, others (like me) will say “This lady sure had some neat things!!!!” I tell my family that when I die, I what to be cremated and my ashes sprinkle at Garage Sales! Heck, I really do not care, I will be long gone and maybe coming back as a Buddhist Monk, or maybe just visiting with my deceased loved ones, or maybe heaven is like one really huge Estate Sale!

Go outside, take a deep breath and really look at the world around you, and just maybe you will catch a glimpse of God!

Daffodils Sidewalk

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