Duck and Cover

Part 2 of 10 Random Things About Me

That’s old Bert the Turtle telling us to Duck and Cover in case of nuclear war.

I wonder if we as a nation were really that naive to think that ducking and covering our head would save us in a nuclear war. Why were we so willing to take that government propaganda to heart? I remember thinking it didn’t make alot of sense at the time. If nuclear war was really that harmless why was everybody building bomb shelters underground? I was always full of questions. Some of my family’s outings were to tour bomb shelters that were being built in our area. 

However, living in tornado alley may have been another emphasis behind the bomb shelter craze; not just nuclear war. My Grandma Bertha Belle built a very simple one using concrete blocks and steel rebar. I remember cots, blankets, shelves of food and water being down in the shelter. We did spend some time in the bomb shelter but only when the tornado sirens sounded.

I am not sure why my elementary school showed us this film; it would be very interesting to know. I have talked to many other people my age who was not lucky enough to see Bert the turtle. Maybe because ducking and covering might help in a tornado. Maybe because there was a Air Force Radar Base located on a hill just west of town. Maybe because there was a major oil company headquartered in town. Maybe it was just “older people helping us”, you need to view the film to understand.

I look back at that time now and wonder how all the talk and preparations for a nuclear war shaped my personality. I think that time in our history helped make my generation to not be afraid of change, so the Baby Boomers went out and changed the world. Many of the Greatest Generation (the one before mine), especially the women, absolutely hate change of any kind.

In the early ’70’s, a poster declaring 20 things to do in case of nuclear war was very popular. It was on all my friend’s walls declaring that the last thing to do was to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. I think that my generation had experienced the Vietnam War by the ’70’s and had become cynical of our government’s foreign policies. Duck and cover was no longer effective government propaganda.

Everytime I start to think about the threat of nuclear war, I think that now our greatest threat to our way of life is our willingness to let our government take our rights away a little at a time. We are being told in order to protect our freedom and liberty, we must give up some of it up.

I will leave with some quotes.

“If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things”…….Adolf Hilter

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”…….Abraham Lincoln-One of my heroes!

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”………Ben Franklin

Wana’ hear old Bert, the careful turtle, tell us to duck and cover.

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Flowers and Aprons or Flowery Aprons

I have been making a few aprons lately and wanted to show you one I made for myself. Remember the material I happened upon for free? I thought with the flowery bands, it would make a nice apron.


I put a vintage hankie in the pocket.

Apron Pocket Hankie

FINALLY, some of my flowers look nice. The very cool, rainy spring we have experienced, has made gardening a bit of a dissappointed this year. It seems as if we will have a nice summer showing of flowers. Do you noticed how the flowers look like the flowers on the apron?

Whiskey Barrel


I have the old horse metal and wood bars for hitching a horse to a wagon displayed on the ends of my garage. I painted the metal black. This is the north side of the garage door. The flowers in the pot are vinca and purslane.

Northend of Garage

This is the south side of the garage door.

South End

I planted some Varigated Leaf Morning Glories this year and I love the color of the blooms.

Morning Glory 2

Morning Glory 1

Another flowering plant I like is Purslane, it’s flowers come in all sorts of colors. Purslane also likes hot and dry conditions so it’s great planted in sunny areas. It is in the same plant family as Moss Rose.


We also picked our first ripe tomatoes this week! The tomatoes are usually ripe by the end of June. Last night we ate BLT’s and today I ate cottage cheese with sliced tomatoes, YUM!

It is time for Alex to run through the Winnie-the-Pooh water sprinkler and tall cold glass of iced tea for me! Enjoy your summer!

July 24, 2007 at 6:56 pm 3 comments

Crazy Lazy Days of Summer for Kids Swap

We have participated in several swaps for kids on Swap-bot, Alex always loves to open her swap box!

I am coordinating the Crazy Lazy Days of Summer for Kids Swap. Summer for kids means bubbles, water guns, popsicles, cooling off by playing in the water, staying up late to look at the stars, riding bikes, visiting the zoo.  For the older kids the end of summer means trying to get in the last fun days before the school starts. I thought that a surprise box in the mail might make their day! 

Summer Swap

Summer ends at varying times around the United States, here in Oklahoma, we will have Summer until Late September/Early October.

If you have a child/children that would enjoy this swap, go to swap-bot, read the rules, become a member. Swappers have to be 18 or older to join, so you will have to sign up for your children. The last day to sign up for this swap is July 30th. The Send By date is August 5th.

I wish I could be at every home when the swap box arrives to see all the kids faces! I will see Alex get excited at everything she pulls out of the box!

July 23, 2007 at 4:38 pm 1 comment

July’s Exchanging of Hands

I have been cleaning-organizing all my treasures, so I thought what a perfect opportunity to have another Exchanging of Hands here at Bombshell’s Panorama.

Here are July’s Treasures

  1. For those that love vintage linens- Embroidered Pillow Case – Someone did some very nice embroidery. The case shows some aging and wear. Would make a great pillow, apron pocket.


      2. For those who do paper crafts-A sheet of velium flower stickers.


       3. For those who love to write letters-Brand new set of Apple Stationary.

Apple Stationary

      4.  For anyone who love Dobermans or collect Beanies-A McDonald Ty Mini Beanie Baby; Doby the Doberman. Sorry for the picture, since I don’t collect beanie babies, I wasn’t sure if I should take it out of the package.

Ty Beanie

      5. For all the Bunny lovers out there-Two Handmade Bunny Pins. 1. Bunny in pink dress, made of small wooden spools 2. Muslin bunny stuufed with patches.


    6. For those who love to crochet-Vintage Pineapple Crochet Pattern Book. Copyright 1946. Doilies, Tablecloths, Bedspreads, Runners.

Pineapple Pattern Book

    7. For those who quilt-McCall’s Home Decorating pattern, Grandmother’s Flower Garden Puff Quilt.


    8. For the princesses-A Princess Crown and Wand Craft Set. What little girl wouldn’t love to make this?

Craft Set

    9. For those that love pink and green-Handmade pink/green round doily.


   10.  For those who decopage-8-1970 Space Pictures. You could use the pictures for decopaging your little astronaut’s suitcase.



OK, same rules as before:

  • Only one item per person, share the wealth!
  • First one to comment on a particular item, gets it. Therefore, you can check the comments on the post as to whether something is available.
  • This is open internationally. Be patient, please!
  • Email me your address.

I have been in the mode of cleaning, yardwork, purging, throwing away, etc. all week.

What extra chores I have done since Monday: 

  1. Cleaned out the East Side of my Carport,
  2. Throw away a huge pile of trash that had collected over the winter, 
  3. Mowed my 1-acre yard,
  4. High-pressured cleaned my back deck,
  5. Re-potted houseplants,

What is left for this week:

  • Iron at least of 20 husband’s shirts,
  • A big huge pile of laundry, 
  • High-pressure clean my propane tank and then paint, 
  • Work Saturday and Sunday at Flea Market

So I will probably will collaspe Sunday night and not be able to move for a few days!

No rest for the wicked!

July 19, 2007 at 5:53 pm 3 comments

$1.00 A Sack!

Holly called last Friday afternoon and told me about a huge church rummage sale in Tulsa, that she had just attended. AND that the next day about 10:00am the price went to a $1.00 a sack!  I decided that Alex and I would be making a trip to Tulsa the next morning. Alex is my TIT (thrifter in training). What did you think it was!?. I could not pass up a $1.00 a sack sale, come hell or high water (well, maybe high water, hell, no sweat)!

We got eight sacks stuffed full of treasures! I got two high$ silk dress pant suits, a dark blue and a ivory. The pictures below are a few of the treasures I picked up. There are two items that I picked up at a sale on Friday morning, I put the price of beside each.


  • Two Green Vintage Fabric Throw Pillows (colors match my bedroom)
  • Two Velvet Dark Green Throw Pillows
  • A Vintage 60’s Twin Sheet Set (I will use as fabric)
  • A Vintage Sage Green Velvet Needlepoint Pincushion (hangs on wall)
  • A Pink Depression Ware Candy Dish (Scotty Dog) ($1.00)

Umbrella Stand

  • Vintage Art Pottery Umbrella Stand, RRP Company, Roseville, Ohio ($5.00)
  • Fruit Contact Paper
  • Plastic Resin Trivet (grapes)
  • Clear Glass Flower Frog
  • BH&G Desserts Cookbook
  • Complete Works by Shakespeare (looks like a Bible) 1924
  • A “Good Morning” Toast Press (just for fun)
  • A Honey Dipper
  • 3 Dark Brown Art Pottery Bowls
  • Pottery Incense Burner
  • Complete Book of Roses (1956)
  • Reading for Enjoyment (1950)
  • Ceramic Cow Jar (Made in Germany)

Care of Executives

One of the books that I found extremely funny was the  “The Care & Feeding of Executives” by Millard C. Faught and Laurence Hammond, Copyright 1946. This book in written in a very tongue- in- cheek manner. In this copy, on the cartoon pictures of the executives, the company or the executive that owned the book had the “real” guys of the company sign by the caricature. Love some of the names of chapters like How To Pound A Table and How To Win Friends-For 15%.


This is the inside back cover.

Inside of Cover

This cartoon page is in the chapter “How To Engage A Secretary and Keep Her Happy With Your Work”. Some days I feel like the one in the middle! Especially the days I don’t wear my “lift and separate” bra! Can you relate?


AND, I got to spend some quality time with three of my most favorite girls, Holly, Alex and Ruby!

I could not have asked for more of a perfect day!

July 17, 2007 at 8:40 pm 2 comments

Sewing and Swapping

I have been sewing some lately, I made some handbags. I made a shoulder bag from some vintage bark cloth for a 1950’s purse swap that I participated. I am a member of Swap-bot. Swap-bot is a site developed by Rachel and Travis Johnson, which promotes swapping various things with people from around the world. I have been swapping there since last September, I enjoy swapping crafts, teas, art, etc with people around the world.

Vintage Bark Cloth Bag

Bark cloth was used for drapes, upholstery, pillows from about 1940’s through the 1960’s. I had just scraps of this bark cloth. I love the brilliant red flowers with the jungle green leaves. The velvet beaded button is new but I thought that it looked vintage enough for the bag. My swap partner wanted extra long straps on her bag, so I measured from my shoulder to the middle of my hip, hope the straps are long enough. The first bag I mailed disappeared into the “Lost” world of the postal service, probably in the belly of a foreign ship sailing over the Pacific to lands unknown into the hands of some scalawag, who will trade it for favors from a wanton woman. I had to develop a intriguing mysterious story, that’s just how my mind works.

Close-up of 50’s bag

I also made my swap partner a small reversible shopping bag. Alex did not understand that the bag I made was not for her! She grabbed the bag and ran into the living room and started putting her crayons and markers into the bag. When Nanny had to explain that the bag was not for her, Alex was very tired and had a 2-year old melt down. So while she was taking a short nap, Nanny had to make her a bag for her crayons and markers.

Alex’s Crayon Bag

This is the reversible shopping bag I made. The yellow fabric is named Dragon Dances and is a reproduction of a 1930’s fabric. The green material was designed for the Museum of New Mexico, Musuem of Internationl Folk Art. Both fabric are made by Andover Fabrics. The green has patterns of doves, flowers and skulls, which I am sure relates to the Mexican Dia de los muertos, the celebration of Day of the Dead. Holly’s post, ElDia de los Rhinestones, has a link with more information about the celebration. I could hardly believed that I found this fabric in my small town’s version of Wal-Mart.

Green Shopping bag

Dragon Dances

Dragon Dances

Museum of New Mexico, Museum of International Folk Art


Isn’t this sock doggy cute!!! His name is Argus and he has vintage buttons eyes and a tag with his name and a small dog bone in his paws. This was a Sock Doggy Swap, my swap parner did an excellent job! I didn’t take a picture of my version of the sock dog, he was made of blue argyle socks and was named Rowdy. Yesterday I received a message telling me that Rowdy was going home with my swap partner’s niece. How very nice that he will have an excellent home!


If you are interested in joining Swap-bot, contact me so I can give you some tips.

Many of you have superior crafting talents, I would love to see the arty endeavors. Some of us have very green thumbs, have a peak at Jackie’s Garden.

Edited a few hours later: Today’s mail brought a package that’s what Swapping is all about! I was so excited when I saw the package because of all the Fantastic Stamps (will use in my ATC art) on the outside! Great idea, Kristin!


Then the inside of the box set my heart to fluttering! My gosh, look at all that stuff! Just for me! Put together with much care and thought from Kristin!

Inside Kristin’s Swap Box

Look! Look!

  • Licorice Bites and Hazelnut Chocolate Bar from Harry and David, which btw, everybody is snacking on right now. All I can say is “yum!” 
  • Lemon Drop, Cherry Lollipop and Apple Taffy votives,
  • A vintage scarf, really pretty
  • Green container of great beads,
  • A handmade cupcake pin cushion from Kristin, how talented!
  • A handmade envelope made from a picture of flowers with flowers seeds inside, 

Candy, candles

  • Blue and White Checked with veggies piece,
  • ’70’s ruffle from curtain,
  • Light green with butterflys piece,
  • Sage green embroidered piece,
  • ’60’s Mod orange and brown piece,
  • Greenish blue textured piece,
  • Really, really nice piece of trim

vintage fabric

Oh, my, all the crafts I can make!!! Let’s see I will light one of the candles, snack (if any is left) on candy, use my pin cushion, wear my scarf and craft until the cows come home!

Many, many thanks for such a well-thought out swap, Kristin. I just had to share!

July 12, 2007 at 4:33 pm 6 comments

Flooding: 1986 and 2007

I was going to write posts about the ten random things about me, in order, you know 1,2, 3, etc. However, since the flooding these past few weeks brought back memories of the 1986 flood, I thought it would the thing to write about next. The 1986 flood made The Global Register of Extreme Flood Events, displaced 55,000 people and cost $40,000,000.

Coffeyville, Kansas has been hit extremely hard which is 17 miles north of where I live. A site has been developed, Coffeyville Flood, for the latest news. Many homes and businesses have been destroyed, some can be rebuilt, many cannot. The refinery in Coffeyville had a huge oil leak that occurred when the refinery was being shut-down because of the flood.The pictures tell the real story of the devastation.

We (my girls and myself) lived in my grandmother’s house in 1986. My great-grandparents lived on the same land since about 1916. Sometime in the 1940’s the house had flooded once again, and my grandmother decided to tear down the original house and build another. The Corp of Engineers were in the process of building a local dam to help flood control, etc. My grandmother called the office to ask about how high up from the ground should the new house be built, in case, of anymore flooding. The Corp told her to build the house 3 feet above the ground, this would be sufficient for the 500 year flood. World War II was winding up and she worked at a local factory as Rosie the Riveter building airplane parts. She would work all night then spent most of the day building the house with the help of two uncles. My Grandma Bertha Belle was a very strong independent woman.

After the 1986 flood all the walls in my house had to be tore out and the wood dry for a couple months to help prevent mold. My mom told me it reminded her of when the house was being built and my grandma would have dances in the house while under construction. I could just hear the Western Swing music and see everyone in their Saturday night best with free flowing beer!

In early Octoberof 1986, a hurricane had stalled over NE Oklahoma, SE Kansas and SW Missouri, it deposited over 18 inches of rain in a very short time in the watershed in SE Kansas that fed into the Caney River. On October 4th, the Caney River went on of it’s banks and flooded an extensive area in Bartlesville, it basically cut the town in half. The crest was recorded as 27.7 inches over flood stage. The citizens could not get to the other side of town for several days. The water around my house was 8 feet high, 4 feet within the house (remember the advice the Corps of Engineers).

I did not have to work the day of the flood due to it pouring down rain constantly, I was a retail manager for a local greenhouse and nursery. The weather service started issuing flood warnings about 9:00am that day, so I began to pack up my belongings and carry them upstairs in my house (1 1/2 story house, basically the finished attic). Rachael not being in school yet, played around the house while I packed. My father was in the hospital so he could not help me carry my household stuff upstairs. I basically had no one to help me move the heavy items, so I did what I could, I put the couch, dining room table and buffet up on cement blocks. Somewhere in the late afternoon my Cousin Joyce drove by and asked if I needed any help, I asked her to help me lift my old tv up onto my kitchen cabinets.

The schools let out early so about 1:00pm Rachael and I went to pick up Holly. We came back home and I continued to pack. The city’s finest started driving up and down the streets announcing over their loud speakers to evacute immediately or they would no longer be responsible for our safety. Whooppee! Like I thought the boys in blue would provide safety, they wouldn’t do anything when my ex-husband called and threatened to break down my door and beat me until I was senseless! BTW, I have long since forgiven him, just not forgotten. Everyone makes mistakes, lord, knows I have. OK, sorry, I regressed.

So having never been in a flood before, I thought maybe the water would come up swiftly. I hurriedly packed everything I thought we might need for the next few days in my car and took my children out of there. The water came up very slowly and did not flood my house until 6:30am the next morning. I could have saved much more of my belongings if the LAWS hadn’t been so dramatic! All that weekend the only thing I worried about was a box of my children’s art and school work was on the next to the top stair in the attic. I lost all most of all my earthly goods, but, my family was safe and sound. I know exactly how the flood, tornado, fire victims on tv feel when they mention that material things can be replaced but not your family! Being a single mom, believe me when I say that there wasn’t that many valuable things anyway.

While my house was flooded, some young men thought they needed to steal anything not ruined by the flood in my house. My neighbor happened to be going to her house in a boat when she saw the jerks breaking in my house. She immediately went to a neighbor’s house that was not flooded to call the Do-do Nutters (well, we all ready know how much they help). The Bacon said there was nothing they could do because of the high water, they couldn’t get down there. Well, the old cuss who lived in the house and his son got in their boat with their guns and went to my house and found the boys inside and made them swim in water back to his house with guns pointed at them. Once back at his house, he called the law and order guys and told them that if they didn’t come after the no-good son-of-a-guns (my version), he would adminster his own brand of justice. The ever so helpful fuzz asked the National Guard(the good guys) to help them get the young criminals. I guess the po-po came on a huge National Guard truck that could go through high water. The juveniles got slapped on the hand and the two that were 18 and over got 6 months in the big-house. I think that is the lowest of the low to steal from someone’s house that was flooded! Oh, just for your info, I know that there a many good cops and respect them.

So many people helped my and my little family recover after the flood. The Red Cross was there from day one until the need was gone for food, water and shelter. If you want to donate, donate to the American Red Cross! The local churches helped in many ways, food, blankets, shelter, clothes, donated household goods, etc. The Mennonites have a group of men that go to any disaster in the United States and help rebuild the houses. The Mennonite group that helped rebuild my house stayed for three months in Bartlesville helping many people. 

I cannot say many good things about two of the agencies that were supposed to help, 1. FEMA, but then that doesn’t surprise you does it and 2. the Salvation Army in my home town! I had to contact the governor’s office to get any help from FEMA because of the loophole I fell into. I was not a renter and not a home owner, either, so FEMA informed me that I could not get any help. Well, to make a long story short, the day after I called the Governor’s office, someone from FEMA called me to say that I would be helped after all. Hmmm? Two of the major corporations of the town gave over $300,000 to help the flood victims, the Salvation Army was the “overseer” of these funds. NO ONE received any help for about 2 1/2 months until there was major attention brought to that fact. What were they doing with the money, earning interest, paying their salaries??  I had a very bad experience with the local Salvation Army!!!! Believe me when I say that I do not give 1 cent to the local Salvation Army, it will be a very cold day when I do. Please understand that I am not the type of person that expects the world to give me anything or owes me anything. However, the agencies in charge of helping people in disasters need to HELP! The United Way tried very hard to keep the Salvation Army’s lack of responsiblity with the money very quite. I called to talk to the United Way director about the situation, all I heard was double talk and bureaucacy jibber-jabber. I never give up! I figure God gave me a strong will in order to help myself and others who cannot voice their convictions.

My house flooding was an experience that I would not want to go through again, but I am a stronger, more self-reliant person for it! I learned how strong I was and how there are many, many giving people there are in this world. I also learned how a few so-called helpful agencies do not help. That is their lot to answer for, not mine, karma can be a bitch.

I apologized if I have seemed bitter, I really am not, just straight-shooting. I have walked in my neighbor’s shoes, so my prayers and my heart goes out to each and everyone. On Saturday night all the family went to a small town 5 miles north of here to watch rescheduled fireworks. On the way there we viewed acres and acres of flooding, even after 7 days!  I hope that each one finds their hidden strength and hope in the individuals who come to help, really help.

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